Can I be a healer?

Certainly! Everyone has the inbuilt qualities to be a potential healer. We can invoke those qualities and assist you bring out through your soul.

How much does the courses cost?

Not a lot! Our goal is to maintain reasonable rates so that everyone has the opportunity to explore their gifts and participate in global-healing.

How much time is required to finish a course?

We understand Time is of great essence in life. Our courses are thorough, practical and versatile; and needs discipline and commitment. Some courses are few weeks long and some are few months long. And we offer an option to take courses online.

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our Refund Policy on our website.

Will I receive a certification?

Bravo! you will receive a WIHMS Certification signed by Shri Rudra ShivShaktiji upon successful completion of enrolled courses.

WIHMS Holistic Fair Students Policies:

Cancellation Policy:

Your reservation will be secured when all forms are signed and payment has been received. Paid reservations are non-transferable. If for some reason the vendor needs to cancel the paid reservation a refund can be requested in writing either by email or letter format as long as the request is received by the Coordinator at least 3 days prior to the Fair (event) date. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from the refund amount. There will be no refunds given for any cancellations made after the 3 day deadline.

Integrity of Exhibits:

The Coordinator has the right to ban or remove any exhibit material or content that does not agree with or does not represent the values and morals of the Fair. Vendors are not allowed to pass out or distribute materials or solicit business outside of the reserved exhibit area. Vendors are not allowed to share exhibit space with other businesses or organizations without the written approval from the Coordinator. No open flame or fire will be allowed in the venue space.

Photography, Video, and/or Interview Content:

The Vendor gives the Coordinator permission to use photographs, video, and/or interview content collected at the Fair, for future use as per the Coordinator’s discretion.

Release of Liability:

All exhibit materials are the responsibility of the Vendor. The Coordinator is not responsible for any liability related to damage, theft, or injury that may occur before, during, or after the Fair to the Vendor. The Vendor releases all Coordinators, Staff and WIHMS Organization from any actual or perceived liability at the time the Vendor is participating at the Fair.

Event Program:

The Vendor needs to confirm their paid reservation 3 days prior to the Fair date if they wish to have their information placed in the event program that will be created and passed out to customers during the Fair. Reservation confirmation will also be needed if the Vendor wishes the Coordinator to include their information in other promotional items that may be created.


Reservation Options:

We want everyone to be able to come and enjoy the Fair in a loving and peaceful environment. Please help us to maintain the integrity of the Fair so that we all can reap the benefits and play our role in the awareness of the Holistic Lifestyle. We will not allow any discrimination of anyone as per policies of WIHMS Organization. We encourage you not only to read but understand WIHMS policies and rules & regulations located on our website to strengthen your participation. We are here to serve everyone equally with integrity, mutual respect and kindness. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have anytime.


Our Team:

Directors: Valerie & Mohammad | Manager: Elizabeth | Assistants: Rose, Rida, Jose, & Nirmal

400 E. Royal Lane, Suite#290
Irving, TX 75039.
(682) 651-5722

If you have any questions or concerns please contact
Valerie at 847-400-7408 or Shri Rudraji at 682-651-5722.

A non-profit Spiritual Education Institution™