Metaphysical Basics

What is Metaphysical Science?

Metaphysical science is the study of existence and what factors may influence that existence. It explains what Human science cannot explain.

How does Healing help?

Energy Healing restarts the self-healing mechanism of a soul's energy system. It balances all subtle energy fields and improves overall flow within the energy system. With adequate healing bodily cells rejuvenates, refreshes, and start radiating energies all around the body.

Any side effects?

No, there shouldn't be any side effects to Energy Healing.

What role does a soul play in Healing?

Soul is most important key in Energy Healing. Although along with Soul, the method or process used to heal and the capacity of a healer are also very important. The stronger the Soul connection the stronger the healing.

How do I know I am healed?

Healing occurs differently as it relates with the intent as well as the capacity of a healer. Feeling happy, rejuvenated, refreshed, calm, and re-energized are distinct benefits to enjoy after a good healing session. The Healing should last at-least 24-hours withstanding any energy impurities however it could last up to few weeks depending on person's life circumstances.